Chapter meeting March 29

Monday, March 29, 2021
at 6:30 p.m.

Tim Flagler

Kootenai River & Yaak drainage
with the
Linehan Outfitting Company

At our next public meeting on Monday, March 29th, The Ted Trueblood Chapter of Trout Unlimited presents Tim Flagler’s Hosted Trips to the Kootenai River and the Yaak drainage with the Linehan Outfitting Company.

Tim Flagler is the owner of Tightline Productions, L.L.C., a video production company located in Califon, NJ. Although he produces video programs over a wide range of topics, his specialty is fly fishing. Tim is a well-known fly tying instructor. His YouTube videos are some of the best in the business and his YouTube channel, currently has over 80,000 subscribers and 24 million views. Almost every week he produces a new fly tying or “how to” video which appear, not only on his YouTubechannel, but also on Midcurrent and the Orvis fly fishing blog as well. Additionally, they’re featured on Trout Unlimited’s national website and in the Orvis Learning Center. Tim also writes a regular column, “Beginner’s Masterclass with Tim Flagler”, in Fly Tyer magazine. Many of his tying videos take the viewer well beyond just the tying of the fly and show what it looks like underwater, what natural entity it represents, and how it can be fished.

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