Conservation Projects

For more than thirty years the Ted Trueblood Chapter has been involved in on the ground conservation projects in a number of watersheds in southwest Idaho. Our emphasis in recent years has been on the lower Boise River and on the South Fork of the Boise River.

Planting the riparian area along Pierce Creek, an important spawning tributary to the South Fork of the Boise River near the Danskin boat ramp site.

As we rebuild this website we will add page links to our conservation emphasis areas and individual projects we have executed over the years. We are proud of the work we have accomplished on the ground and helped make a difference and inspire people to get involved.

  • South Fork of the Boise River
  • Lower Boise River
    • Island Creek
    • Heron Creek
    • Julia Creek Daylighting
    • Alta Harris Creek
    • Warm Springs Creek
    • Bown Crossing riparian
    • Walling Creek
    • Spawning gravel placement
    • Fishing signs
    • Cottonwood Creek Daylighting
  • Bear Valley Creek – MF Salmon River Country
    • Fir Creek fencing
    • Bear Valley Creek riparian
  • Middle Fork of the Boise River
    • Roaring River culvert replacement
    • MF Boise River riparian
  • Mores Creek and Grimes Creek
    • Granite Creek area
    • Grimes Creek

On the lower Boise River we work with a number of partners on volunteer projects and we support other groups that have initiated enhancement projects. Much of our work over the years has focused on the Boise River in the east end of the city as well as in downtown Boise, such as Julia Creek in Julia Davis Park, which was constructed in 2007.

We have recent work on Warm Springs Creek, partnering with Harris Ranch Wildlife Mitigation Association and Riverstone School.