Cottonwood Planting

Several locations along the Boise River have cottonwood trees growing as a result of long-time efforts by this chapter and others, most significantly and recently the Boise River Enhancement Network. This is an adaptive undertaking learning as we go along. An early example from October 27, 2011:

In 2012 we began planting from seed. Here’s a November 10, 2012 entry:

This site shown above in the photo is near the Refuge Bar on Parkcenter Boulevard.

Photo November 18, 2012 showing the cottonwood trees added to the soil lifts.
June 14, 2015 photo as the trees enter their third growing season outside.
August 5, 2015 looking downstream (the URS building in the background).
April 3, 2019, early spring before the trees leafs are growing.
And a June 16, 2020 photo