Marianne Williams Park and Boise River

In Spring 2022 the Ted Trueblood Chapter entered into an Adopt a Habitat agreement with the City of Boise to provide volunteer efforts to steward the riparian area along the Boise River. Work activities include removal of invasive plants and noxious weeds, planting native species, and potentially projects to restore damaged locations of stream bank along the Boise River.

This is an opportunity for the Ted Trueblood Chapter to extend its efforts to improve habitat along the Boise River. It is also a continuing involvement in this area of the Barber Valley where past and current projects have been implemented. In fact, we found one old photo from our archives where in November 2005 we were using some of the future park site as a source of willow for some riparian work on Alta Harris Creek.

Harvesting willow cuttings from the old log ponds in November 2006 at the old Harris sawmill site (later Boise Cascade until it closed in 1977).

Our project work in 2022 include sessions in June, July, September and November.

As part of our stewardship in this area we also participate in the Boise River ReWild Project where we now have three plots in the park under the Adopt a Plot program.

The three Adopt a Plot sites in Marianne Williams Park are along the Boise River. The plots are the blue polygons.