South Fork Boise River

Our work on the South Fork Boise River dates to the early days of the Ted Trueblood Chapter. We were part of a fencing project to protect the riparian area and stream bottom of Cow Creek, a spawning tributary to the South Fork, and this was back in 1992.

Beginning in 2007 our chapter joined with other groups like Boise Valley Fly Fishers and government agencies to bring more attention to the South Fork Boise River fishery. We worked with Idaho Fish and Game and TU scientists on a genetic study of the wild rainbow trout population in 2008. We assessed tributary spawning conditions with the US Forest Service and Fish and Game. This eventually led to the Pierce Creek reconnection project in 2011. We also worked with these agencies and Bureau of Reclamation of a stranding study of fish and invertebrates from river operations. All these efforts are found at the website where we chronicle the status of fishery issues.

September 2012 looking at areas of potential stranding during river drawdown.
A 2008 photo of the riparian fencing project sign that was completed in 1992. This sign burned in the 2013 Elk Complex Fire.